What is “Tech Neck?” Your Smartphone Is Giving You Neck Wrinkles

As if we needed one more reason for feeling guilty about the amount of time we spend on our phones, along comes “tech neck”. Tech neck is a new term used to describe the wrinkles that appear on your neck caused by repetitively looking down at a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the US are seeing more young patients now than ever who are worried about lines and wrinkles on their neck and décolletage.

How to Rid of Neck Wrinkles From Too Much Screen Time

Where the ages for this concern used to start around 40 with most patients being in their late 50’s, now we are seeing patients in their early 30’s already coming in for a consultation. Due to the uptick in concern for neck wrinkles, renowned San Diego area Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul E. Chasan has put together a list of ways to combat the dreaded tech neck and other neck lines and wrinkles.

1. Skin Creams: Creams can be an effective tool to combat early onset of neck wrinkles and tech neck. For people at risk of developing tech neck wrinkles (nearly everyone), Dr. Paul E. Chasan recommends using one of two skincare products, ALASTIN Skincare® and Lifeline® Stem Cell Skincare. To pre-emptively ward off neck and facial wrinkles, Dr. Chasan recommends utilizing one of these two creams for patients in their 20’s and 30’s.

  • ALASTIN Skincare® Restore and Renew – This skincare line incorporates an effective blend of peptides and other well formulated ingredients to create a serum that strengthens the skin, clears out damaged cells and facilitates the production of collagen and elastin giving skin a more smooth appearance. Many patients see a dramatic decrease in fine lines and wrinkles (including the dreaded tech neck wrinkle) in just three months of using ALASTIN’s Restore and Renew product line.
  • Lifeline® Stem Cell Skincare products are currently the only product in their field that uses human, non-embryonic stem cell extracts. Lifeline combines “stem cell biology, nanotechnology and skin cream formulation technology to create the highest quality, scientifically tested and most effective anti-aging products.” Dr. Paul E. Chasan’s patients can find both ALASTIN and Lifeline skincare products in our Del Mar Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery Center.

2. BOTOX®: Everyone is familiar with BOTOX being used to relax facial muscles that cause forehead lines, and crow’s feet. However, BOTOX can also be effective in additional areas of the body such as the neck muscle (platysma muscle). Occasionally, patients are concerned about their prominent vertical neck bands that present when they tighten their neck muscle. In time, this tension can cause permanent lines. Dr. Chasan recommends BOTOX for anyone frustrated with prominent vertical neck bands or lines as BOTOX will temporarily reduce muscle activity, causing the appearance of neck bands to diminish.

3. “Petit Lift” (aka mini face lift): Whether you have a severe case of tech neck or simply want to tighten loose skin around your neck area, Dr. Paul E. Chasan recommends a “Petit Lift”. A Petit Lift is a less extensive version of a traditional face lift. A petit facelift is a procedure that focuses on the lower third of your face concentrating on the neck and jowl area. By eliminating sagging skin and manipulating the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), Dr. Paul E. Chasan can re-define a patient’s chin and tighten the skin around their neck. Patients who receive the Petit Lift typically love their more youthful appearance.

Don’t let the thought of an impending tech neck and neck wrinkles get you down. Whether your concerns are about tech neck or other signs of aging, there are solutions available. Wrinkles, loose skin and neck lines can all be remedied through good skin creams, Botox or a Petit Face Lift procedure. Call Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery Center today to learn how we can help.