Having any cosmetic procedure is very personal and every case is unique and different.  Having breast augmentation performed is personal and you should carefully review the pro’s and con’s of having breast augmentation performed.  Whenever having surgery performed to enhance your aesthetic appearance careful evaluation and consultation should be considered. Breast Augmentation is not a simple out of the box procedure as many people believe.

Breast augmentation will increase the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.  Typically the procedure should only be performed on adult women who are fully developed. The procedure can be performed to improve not only the size but shape and symmetry can also be enhanced.

Typically we recommend having breast augmentation after the age of 18 because many women will continue to develop until the age of 22.  Because of the continued development only saline implants are available to women under the age of 22.

Dr. Paul Chasan is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in San Diego creating beautiful and natural results for his patients.  If you are considering breast augmentation and under the age of 22 schedule an appointment with Dr. Chasan today for a consultation.

There are a number of factors Dr. Chasan will discuss with you regarding your cosmetic surgery goals.  Some of the factors to consider is future pregnancy and the impact of size of implant on nursing.  While there is little danger associated with implants prior to pregnancy some women put off breast augmentation until after they have had children.

When you meet with Dr. Chasan about your breast augmentation procedure be open and honest about your aesthetic goals and desires.  It is important to discuss your future desires for children as well during your consultation.  Dr. Chasan will take all of this into account to determine if breast augmentation is right for you.

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