Why Should I Get Both a Breast Reduction and Breast Implants?

While these two procedures may sound like they contradict each other, in many circumstances, they complement each other. Let’s look at what both procedures accomplish and then see how they can work together to give patients the results they are truly looking for.

Breast Reduction – Breast reduction corrects overly large breasts (macromastia) by removing tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breast. Breast reduction can resolve neck, shoulder and back pain due to the extra weight the breasts put on a women’s frame.

Breast Augmentation – A breast augmentation is when a plastic surgeon changes the shape, size or contour of a women’s breast through the use of breast implants. Implants are shells filled with saline or silicone gel and vary in size and shape to create desired aesthetic results.

A breast reduction alone can sometimes leave a patient’s breast lacking the aesthetic appeal they were looking for. This is because it most often results in a breast missing upper pole fullness. Over the course of 14 years, Dr. Paul Chasan has developed a one-stage technique of breast reduction combined with breast augmentation termed “Reductive Augmentation” to fix this issue. This procedure is unique to our San Diego area Plastic Surgery practice. The procedure creates a breast that is much more round appearing with upper pole fullness.

Many patients often desire a smaller breast but prefer a rounder shape. This technique is quite useful for correcting breast asymmetry, as well as revising significant pseudoptosis (drooping of the bottom of the breast) in patients who have previously undergone breast augmentation with or without a breast lift (mastopexy). We are honored to be sought after by so many women looking for this unique one-stage technique.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Reductive Augmentation?

Patients whose desire is for smaller breasts with a rounder shape are great candidates for “Breast Reductive Augmentation”. Women with overly large breasts typically have significant sagging as well. The composition of a droopy breast often includes a fairly flat upper portion of the breast (upper pole). So, patients who have large breasts that would like them smaller, yet more rounded and “perkier” are great candidates for our coined procedure of a breast Reductive Augmentation.

How to Mentally Prepare for Breast Reductive Augmentation

Patients with realistic expectations of surgery results are the most satisfied. Please keep in mind that swelling can last for quite a long time and you may not see your final results for several months. Please also be prepared for some physical and emotional ups and downs for at least a couple weeks post-surgery. At Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery, we take great care in providing the best experience for our patients but healing does take some time. We expect our patients to find their outcome well worth the recovery time.

How to Get Ready for Plastic Surgery

We will have a full list of what to do, what to get, what to eat and what to bring with you to surgery that will be given to you during your consultation. But below is an overview of some of those points:

  • Discuss with Dr. Paul Chasan about any blood thinning medications you take including non-steroid anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen, Aleve and Advil.
  • Shop beforehand for some pre-made meals, fresh fruits and veggies and easy to access snacks that are low in salt. You won’t want to shop, cook or do house work for a few days following surgery
  • Don’t eat after midnight the night before surgery
  • Arrange to have someone drive you home from the surgery center and stay with you for several days post-surgery to help take care of you and to do the normal house work around the house. Patients should not bend or exert themselves for about a week post-surgery. Childcare should also be arranged if you have young children.
  • Stock up on bandages, antibacterial soup and other essentials and make sure to fill all of your prescriptions beforehand and put them in an easily accessible place like bedside.
  • Keep a space near where you will be recuperating with a bottle of water, your medications and snacks.

Ready to Schedule a Breast Reductive Augmentation Consultation?

Dr. Chasan is ready to talk to you about your desires and whether this procedure to reduce the size of your breasts while making them more round with a Breast Reductive Augmentation is right for you. Please schedule a consultation so we can go over the best options to achieve your goals.