Which are the Best Breast Implants and Why?

If you are looking to do breast augmentation, you should know that there are so many choices for breast implants, today.  There are 3 main manufacturers of breast implants: Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. Breast Implants can be classified as saline and silicone as well as by profile and cohesivity (firmness of the implant).  Profile choices are lowmoderatehigh, and ultra-high and the firmness of the implant can be cohesive gel and form stable (“Gummy Bear”).  Breast Implants can also be smooth or textured.

The Best Breast Implants for You

Saline or Silicone Breast Implants

The first step is choosing between saline or silicone breast implants.  I generally prefer silicone implants because they tend to not wrinkle and last longer.  A typical saline breast implant can last up to 20 years, however the majority start to fail at around 10-12 years which results in an embarrassing deflation.  A typical silicone breast implant should last 15-20 years.

As far as the profile of breast implants, I believe that a higher profile implant tends to shape the breast more efficiently.  Low profile and moderate profile implants tend to give a wide and flat appearance to the breast.  I typically use high profile and ultra-high profile implants to add projection and shape the breast.  The choice of which implant that I am going to choose is based on the patient’s anatomy and the particular desired outcome.

The newer silicone implants are all a cohesive gel.  The difference between cohesive gel and the form stable gummy bear implant is minimal.  In my opinion, Allergan offers the most diverse breast implant products for cosmetic breast surgery with their newest line known as Inspira.  These implants have less wrinkling, a better dome shape, and better projection then the other companies breast implants.

Textured or Smooth Breast Implants

Which would be better for you?  Textured implants tend to wrinkle more than smooth therefore smooth is the preferred choice.

Ultimately, the implant that would be placed as well as its location, profile, and size is all based on the patient’s desires and anatomy.  Using my experience, the best implant for any individual patient will be chosen.  Because I perform a considerable amount of revisionary breast surgery and often do not have the luxury of knowing the type of implant each individual patient had previously, I need to carry a full line of virtually every relevant shape and size implant and stock over 100 implants.

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