What Cup Size Should I Be?

Many patients that come to Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery, have numerous questions when it comes to  breast enhancement . One of the most common questions patients have is “what size I should get?” Below we have compiled some things to consider.What Breast Size Should I Be?

Stop Focusing On Bra Size

Instead of focusing on the bra size focus on what you actually want to look like. At Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery , we encourage patients to think of their ideal look and discourage our patients from having their heart set on a certain cup-size such as a B, C, D or DD as these sizes look different on everyone. When our patients bring in pictures of what they are envisioning, we can get a good understanding of their expectations. Even more helpful is finding before and after photos of women who have similar body types as you.

Will Increasing My Breast Size Give Me More Cleavage?

Yes, an increase in breast size can give you more cleavage. The larger the implant and higher in profile can result in more cleavage.

Should I Get the Same CC’s As My Friend If We Have Similar Body Types?

Although the 400 cc’s looked perfect on her, they may not be perfect for your body. Always discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon. They will consider your breast profile along with things such as how active you are to come up with viable recommendations.

Should I Try On Sizers?

Sizers have become quite popular. However sizers tend to give people false notions. We strongly recommend patients bringing in pictures of what they hope to achieve. This gives us a better understanding of what they want. Determining the size and shape is an important process. Our patients have allowed us to help them with this process and because of that we are proud that 95% of our patients are happy with the size and shape of their breasts after the procedure.

There Is No Perfect Cup Size

Although we wish there was a reliable scientific breast size calculator to come up the “perfect” cup size, the truth is, there are many options that will look great on each patient. The key is to have a surgeon that will help you decide on what will meet your goals. To schedule a consultation with one of our Del Mar Plastic Surgeons, call us today!

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