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Nerve Blocks in Breast Surgery

One of the most exciting new concepts in plastic surgery has been the recent development of regional nerve blocks for breast and abdominal surgery. These blocks require ultrasound guidance to place and last approximately 6-8 hours after surgery. That means less pain and less narcotics in the early post-operative period which also translates into less nausea.

Dr. Chasan is the first plastic surgeon in the San Diego area to adopt the use of the ultrasound guided Pecs 1 and 2 blocks for breast surgery and TAP block for abdominal surgery.  Dr. Chasan, comments “I have noticed a huge difference in the recovery in my patients and so have my nurses”.

We strive to provide the newest and latest techniques so our patients have the best experience possible.

What are Nerve Blocks?

Blocking the nerves involved in abdominal or breast surgery is done with the help of ultrasound guidance.

TAP Nerve Block

The TAP nerve block “is a peripheral nerve block designed to anesthetize the nerves supplying the anterior abdominal wall (T6 to L1).” What that means is that this procedure is used to stop the pain in the abdominal wall without introducing as much pain medication.  The anesthetic is placed between the abdominal muscles and the tissue on top of it.

PECS 1 and 2 Nerve Blocks

The PECS 1 and 2 nerve blocks are used to lessen the pain when the chest area is being worked on. Much like the TAP nerve block, the PECS 1 and 2 target the nerves between muscles that relay pain messages. Using the PECS 1 or 2 nerve blocks can allow for less pain medication following the procedures.

Being able to use these nerve blocks, TAP never block, PECS 1 and 2 nerve blocks, lets our patients use less medication during and after surgery. This can help decrease opioid use and nausea and vomiting that can occur after surgery.

If you want to learn more about how we use nerve blocks during surgery to make the experience better for our clients, please contact us for a consultation.

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