Breast Augmentation for Athletes – What to Consider

Athletes and Breast Augmentation What To Know

Can Athletes Have Breast Augmentation?

It is sometimes thought that larger breasts can cause more harm than good when it comes to participating in sports and that it’s not uncommon for athletic women to seek a breast reduction in order to exercise with less pain. However, breast implants for athletes are more common than you may think.

While breast augmentation is rarely sought after to improve the physical performance in sports, female athletes may seek breast enlargement to better their psychological health. Breast implants may make women feel more feminine and confident, which in turn can improve their overall performance.

Why Do Female Athletes Seek Breast Augmentation?

Although the hours of training that female athletes dedicate to being at the top of their sport allows them to excel physically, the high levels of exercise can also cause negative side effects, both to the body and mind.

Women who participate in the upper levels of athletics often have a lower percentage of body fat and since breast tissue is partially composed of fat, they may notice a decrease in their breast size. Their bodies may be in their best shape when it comes to strength and endurance, but the constant training also decreases the body fat to the point where breast augmentation may be desired to improve the woman’s self-confidence and self-image.

What Type of Breast Augmentation Is Most Popular with Athletes?

Most breast implants for athletes aren’t extreme. Athletes typically seek breast enhancement to return to their normal cup size. Adding more than a couple cup sizes could make physical activity more difficult but a slight breast enhancement is unlikely to cause a noticeable change in performance.

Who Is A Candidate for Breast Enhancement?

As long as you are healthy and your breasts are fully developed, you may be a candidate for breast augmentation. Be aware that breast enlargement is a major surgery with a recovery time of up to two months so you will lose training time.

What Is the Recovery Period Like for Breast Augmentation?

During recovery from breast augmentation surgery, you’ll need to take time off from your sport to heal. Dr. Chasan almost always places implants below the muscle, however the recovery from breast augmentation tends to be relatively quick. Most patients are off pain medications after three days, cardio exercise can start at 10 days, light lifting at 3 weeks, and unrestricted at a month.

Your doctor can offer you advice on how long you can expect to be sidelined during the recovery period and how to ease back into your training following breast augmentation.

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