Neck Liposuction

Submental liposuction is a technique that removes fat beneath the neck. Generally, it is a genetic accumulation of fat that occurs giving the neck a full appearance. The best candidates are usually younger, 20’s and 30’s, and have good skin quality.

Neck Liposuction and Neck Lifts Before and After Photos

Neck liposuction is one of those plastic surgery procedures that can have life changing and dramatic results, yet has minimal downtime. Most patients receive comments such as “You look thinner!” and “Have you lost weight?”

“It is my honor to help Dr. Chasan after all he’s done for me. Undergoing neck liposuction really did change my life. I’m not being overly flowery when I say that. It comes straight from the heart. Life did change for me because my image of myself changed. It’s remarkable how something like this could make such a huge difference in a person’s quality of life. It’s even little things like wearing a scarf that have made life that much more incredible!!” – D.W.

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