Pectoral Augmentation

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Some men are born with a flat chest that does not become more contoured regardless of the amount of exercise performed. Dr. Paul Chasan can help these patients enhance their chest appearance and improve their self-esteem by performing pectoral augmentation in San Diego.


Male Pectoral Augmentation Treatment & Technique 

Pectoral augmentation involves placing solid silicone implants beneath the pectoralis major muscle much like breast augmentation in women. The goal of male chest augmentation is to achieve a more contoured, masculine chest appearance.

Pectoral augmentation procedure is performed by placing the implants through a small incision in the armpit. It takes approximately one hour to complete and is performed on outpatient basis. The result of pectoral augmentation is a much firmer, more powerful-appearing chest. In addition to bringing about physical changes, this procedure can also greatly enhance the self-confidence of male patients.

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