Injectables, Botox, and Filler Pricing

    Injectables, Botox, and Filler Pricing

    Botox Pricing

    Reduction in the appearance of frown lines with this simple, quick, non-surgical injection. Patients love the results they see, which can last up to four months.

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    Botox by Physician

    One Area$300
    Two Areas$550
    Three Areas$800

    Botox by Nurse

    $11 per Unit


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    Dermal Filler Pricing

    All dermal fillers are FDA approved to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and to add natural volume & contouring to desired facial areas.

    Physician Pricing

    Juvederm XC 1.0cc$700
    Radiesse 1.5cc$750
    Silicone Oil$1,400
    Nurse Injection Specialist Pricing

    Juvederm XC 1.0cc$600
    Voluma 1.0cc$850
    Radiesse 1.5cc $650
    Radiesse 0.8cc $450
    Silicone Oil$1,200 +
    Restylane Silk$650
    Restylane Lyft$650
    Restylane Refyne/Defyne$650


    Injectable Nurse: Kasie Connors, RN

    Kasie Connors, RN, has over 20 years of nursing experience behind her. Early on in her career she began working for Dr. Paul Chasan and currently has over 12 years experience in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry. She has worked in the operating room and as a clinical patient coordinator.

    Kasie moved to Wisconsin for several years for her husband’s career, during which, she had the opportunity to became a clinical educator for Merz Aesthetics, Inc, the company that makes fillers such as Radiesse and Belotero. She has trained physicians across the nation on injection technique of dermal fillers and has become a master of injectables, fillers and Botox. Now back in San Diego, she is thrilled to be back working alongside Dr. Paul Chasan at Ranch & Coast Plastic Surgery as our injectable nurse.

    Kasie Lindberg, RN