Financing Your Plastic Surgery

    Financing Options

    While it’s true that most insurance companies do not offer complete coverage for plastic surgery, there are many plastic surgery financing options available today that weren’t available in the past. If you’re considering plastic surgery, but aren’t quite sure about cosmetic surgery financing, let’s take a look at a few payment methods that can work to your benefit.


    48 Month Loan8.99%14.9%

    These are only estimates based on the payment calculators available for your use at the two links below. Your personal monthly payments and interest rate (if you are approved for the loan) will be based on your personal credit score.


    Care Credit
    Sharper Image Loan
    Prosper Healthcare Lending
    Alphaeon Financing


    • Widest array of monthly payment options to help you reach your wellness,

    beauty, and performance goals

    • Special financing plans that are not always readily available with traditional credit cards
    • Ability to use your card again for yourself or family members with no need to reapply and no annual fee*

    Your Best You is Closer Than You Think!

    *Standard variable APR of 26.99%, based on the Prime Rate, Minimum Interest is $2.00 per credit plan.

    Find your best financing solution

    Medical Credit Cards

    Medical credit cards, such as CareCredit and Alphaeon, are available for paying for plastic surgery. These cards offer payment plans, standard APR interest, and often no annual fee. These cards are limited to covering medical expenses only.

    Regular Credit Cards

    With the benefits of a medical credit card, a regular credit card is also a good plastic surgery financing option, especially if you have a low-interest credit card and receive cash bonuses for purchases.
    Introductory periods that offer 0% interest for new credit applications are also an attractive bonus.

    Bank Loan

    A personal loan from your bank can help with plastic surgery financing. Banks usually have fixed interest rates that are much lower than medical credit cards or traditional credit cards. A bank loan can also boost your credit status with your bank, making it easier to qualify for larger loans in the future; e.g. car loan, home loan, etc.

    401K Loan

    Most 401K accounts allow investors to borrow against the vested balance. Repayment for cosmetic surgery financing can be set up for automatic withdrawal from your paycheck based on the payment plan you set up. The bonus of a 401K loan is that it offers low interest rates, and has no impact on your credit rating.

    Financial Gifts From Family and Friends

    If you need financial help paying for plastic surgery, sometimes it’s best just to ask for it. Friends and family can contribute towards your plastic surgery expenses through a designated plastic surgery financing account. The benefits of this kind of financing are many:
    You personally don’t have to finance anything, your credit will not be affected, and those close to you will feel a sense of satisfaction that they helped you obtain something that was important to your wellness, beauty, and peace of mind.

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