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Breast Surgery – Plastic Surgery for the Breast

San Diego Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul E. Chasan, MD, FACS, uses a combination of advanced surgical skill, refined aesthetic judgment and compassionate care to deliver highly satisfying results for all of his patients. This approach has helped him become renowned as one of the foremost plastic surgeons in San Diego patients come to for sophisticated aesthetic treatments, including breast procedures. In fact, Dr. Paul Chasan is a world renown revisionary breast specialist.

In order to help all of his breast enhancement patients, Dr. Chasan specializes in a range of procedures. With having completed over three thousand breast surgeries, Dr. Chasan performs all treatments with the utmost dedication and attention to detail, an approach that allow him to consistently deliver results that meet and exceed the expectations of his patients. Below is a brief explanation of some common breast plastic surgery procedures we do:
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Breast Augmentation – Enhancing curves with breast implants can make a big difference in a women’s confidence. Due to the fullness and attractive contour implants can create, our San Diego breast augmentation patients enjoy larger, shapelier breasts after breast augmentation (mammoplasty).

Breast Lift – Many women get a breast lift (mastopexy) when they experience unattractive breast sagging in one or both breasts. Sagging breasts can be caused by many different factors including breast feeding, weight fluctuation, age or gravity. A breast lift can give women a more youthful appearance. Occasionally, based on our patient’s end-goal, a breast reduction or breast implant may also be recommended to achieve desired look.

Revisionary Breast Surgery – Due to his success in treating those seeking San Diego revisionary breast surgery, Dr. Chasan has been selected to lecture on the subject by Allergan, a breast implant manufacturer. He has corrected hundreds of bust lines that received unsatisfactory results from a prior augmentation surgery. Patients looking for breast revisionary surgery in the San Diego and La Jolla area can look to our team at Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery to treat them with compassion and professionalism.

Breast Reduction – Overly large breasts can not only look disproportionate on a women’s figure but they can also cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, chafe the skin under the breast, create painful bra strap grooves, cause breathing difficulty and incite bad posture. During breast reduction surgery, Dr, Chasan removes tissue and skin to unveil a smaller, better proportioned chest. Many women feel that breast reduction surgery gives them a more feminine appearance.

Reductive Augmentation – Over many years of performing breast surgery, Dr. Chasan found that many patients who get breast reductions also benefit from getting implants to fill out the upper pole area of the breasts at the same time. Due to the popularity of this option at our Del Mar Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Chasan created the procedure called “Reductive Augmentation” where women receive both treatments during one surgery.

Breast Reconstruction – Many women who have a mastectomy choose to have breast reconstruction surgery. Breast reconstruction can be done immediately following a mastectomy or later. During a breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. Chasan will rebuild the breast by utilizing implants. During an immediate breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. Chasan can often use a technique called “skin saving mastectomy” where the skin (other than the nipple and areola) is left intact giving Dr. Chasan the ability to rebuild a more natural looking breast. Although a breast reconstruction can rebuild the form of a women’s breast, it cannot restore sensitivity in the nipple and areola.

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Tubular Breast – A tubular breast is a congenital breast deformity. It is often characterized by women presenting large areolas that protrude, a large space between the breasts, a narrow breast base, small breasts with minimal upper pole breast tissue, and / or a sagging appearance. A tubular breast can often be corrected with breast implants and a breast lift.

Body Building Figure and Fitness – Due to extensive workouts, dieting and specific training, it is common for a female body-builder to lack fullness in their breasts. Women body-builders have more developed muscles in their chest and it is important for them to find a surgeon familiar with working with this muscular form. Dr. Chasan counts many body-builders as his patients and is happy to help them achieve a more balanced appearance through breast augmentation.

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Dr. Chasan Discussing How to Determine Breast Size on The Wellness Hour

Randy: So how do you determine size with a patient that comes in for breast augmentation?

Dr. Chasan: Well, you know that’s a whole process. When I see someone in a new patient consult, I tell them this interview is a process. And that process is trying to determine their vision for the breasts. Every woman has a vision for their breasts, and some know exactly what they want, some I have to extract what they want, and I use either…whatever I can, whatever tool I can, either verbal or visual, and it’s just not size, but shape. Now, today with all the new style of implants, whether you go for moderate profile, ultra-high profile, form-stable, or the gummy bear implant, you have so many choices that can affect the overall shape of the breast.

In fact, a couple of years ago I published a shape classification where one out of five is so natural you can’t tell there’s an implant, two out of five is natural perky, three is intermediate, four is rounded, five is very round. So I think that’s very valuable and very helpful. So, and then as far as the size, I use a technique. I’ve done 2,500 breast augmentations. You know, there’s a group. So the small C people say this, “I don’t want people to know. I just want to be big enough to wear a T-shirt without padding. I just want to look good in a cocktail dress. I want to fit in a bikini. That’s all I want.”

Medium C people say, “I want all that, but I don’t care whether they know or they don’t know. I just want to be proportionate to my body.” And large C people say, “I want full sexy breasts.” I kind of tend to discourage “D” Cups. I just think over time they’re not as stable now. So, occasionally some woman wants a “D” Cup and they’re appropriate. That’s fine and that’s a discussion again. So I’ll go through that scenario and then we’ll look at pictures, and pretty soon I understand…

Randy: So you show them other patients?

Dr. Chasan: Other pictures? Yes, I have labels, Small Cs, all the small Cs, medium Cs, all the medium Cs, large C, and pretty soon it’s like going to the optometrist, so you click, click, you click, click. I’m showing them pictures and I’m showing them different roundnesses like two out of three, and three out of three. So when we’re all done with this process, I might end up with something like this. So I’ll show them two or three pictures of what they want, like, “Okay so Mrs. Jones, what I think after listening to you, we’re gonna go with a medium C, three out of five in roundness.” And I’ll show them those pictures, and then, “Let me show you a few more,” I’ll show them like a two out of five. I’ll show a large C three out of five, or a small C, three out of five, or four out of five. “No, no, no, no, yes, yes, no, no.”

And after they do that, I have a very good understanding about what shape and size they want. And then it’s important that they understand that I understand what they want.

Randy: So your judgment about the size and the type of implant will ultimately determine a great result, and just an okay result?

Dr. Chasan: Absolutely, and…

Randy: So there’s more than a…because it seems such a straightforward procedure.

Dr. Chasan: Yeah, but…

Randy: There’s a lot more to it.

Dr.Chasan: There’s a lot more to it. And so again, everything is in the details. So once I understand their vision for their breasts, that’s a huge statement, “Understanding their vision for their breasts.” And then I take it to the operating room. Now, in my operating room, I actually have a gel pad. So their back sticks to the bed, so I use sizers and I have a hundred implants in my O.R. So, I can use any implant I want, which is a huge advantage and I’ll use sizers. I’ll look at them with the sizer laying down, I’ll sit them up. Um, yeah, maybe let’s try a different size, let’s try a different shape. I lay them down, I sit them up, and the gel pad on an average patient, on average, an average breast aug I’ll sit them up three or four times. On a revisionary, big revisionary case, I counted one of my recent revisionary cases, I sat the patient up 15 times.

And I cannot imagine that a surgeon could do a breast surgery, and I hear about it all the time, the anesthesiologist tells me, “I was in so-and-so’s office and they don’t even sit the patient up.” I can’t imagine doing a breast augmentation and not sitting up the patient. You know what? They look so much different lying down than sitting, lying down, sitting up. You have to do that.

Randy: So this attention to detail…

Dr. Chasan: Huge attention to detail.

Randy: Are you a…I mean, do people say about you, “He’s a perfectionist” like your employees?

Dr. Chasan: I say it about myself. I’m a perfectionist.

Randy: Okay.

Dr. Chasan: I am.

Randy: So you think there’s a lot of sloppiness going out there.

Dr. Chasan: There is. There is. A lot… It looks okay, because to do an “okay” result, to do an average result, it’s an easy surgery. To make it look great, that’s a hard surgery.