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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Due to the rising attraction to a full figured der·ri·ère and the impressive procedure’s results, the Brazilian Butt Lift has become a highly sought after procedure. While the name suggests that a traditional “lift” is part of a Brazilian Butt Lift, it actually does not entail a traditional lift’s skin removal or skin tightening, but rather the Brazilian Butt Lift simply produces a fuller and rounder shape through the use of liposuction on surrounding areas and re-injecting the fat into the buttocks which does make the buttocks appear “lifted”.

A Brazilian Butt Lift is performed in two parts:

First, Dr. Paul Chasan contours the areas around the buttocks using liposuction. Some of the areas Dr. Chasan may contour include the hips, love handles and outer thighs. Once Dr. Paul Chasan has enough fat taken from the portions of the body that frame the buttock, he will purify the extracted fat and get it ready to be ‘recycled’.

The second step to a Brazilian Butt Lift is re-injecting the patient’s own fat back into the buttocks. Dr. Paul Chasan will skillfully make many injections of fat into both the gluteus muscle and the fat tissue that already exists. Many small injections increases the chance of the tissue to survive as the fat is more able to quickly get a blood supply. The re-injected fat then acclimates itself in with the rest of a patient’s tissue, giving the patient’s butt a more rounded, fuller appearance.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift different from Butt Enhancement/Augmentation (butt implants)?

Butt Lift / Butt Tuck: Better known at Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery Center as the “Del Mar Butt Tuck” this popular procedure is when excess skin and fat is removed from the lower pole of the buttock. This removal gives the buttocks a more defined appearance as lower skin is no longer hanging or sagging (ptosis) over the lower buttock / thigh crease. This procedure is more technically called an infragluteal thigh lift. A patient receiving this Del Mar Butt Lift will likely see immediate results of their more defined “j-line” and will most likely be able to go back to their normal activities in about a week.

Butt Implants (also known as a butt augmentation or a butt enhancement) is different from a Brazilian Butt Lift as butt implants give clients a bigger butttocks rather than removing anything. This procedure is ideal for individuals with a flat butt who do not have enough fat to take from other body areas such as when getting a Brazilian Butt Lift. Butttock implants are made of solid silicone and are placed within the gluteus maximus muscle. When Dr. Paul E. Chasan performs a butt lift and butt implants, he is very careful to make sure to hide the scar between the buttock cheeks or in the crease at the bottom of the buttocks.

If you have any questions about plastic surgery regarding the buttock, please feel free to give our office a call to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to make our patients feel beautiful and confident.

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Dr. Chasan on The Wellness Hour Discussing Brazilian Butt Lifts

Randy: Brazilian Butt Lift. You’ve been doing them for quite some time.

Dr. Chasan: Yes I have. I think Brazilian Butt Lifts are probably one of the biggest new techniques in our arsenal. Not every woman is endowed with a great butt. And it’s kind of one of those things been ignored for many years, you know? Breasts are beautiful. Butts are beautiful. And we really haven’t had the techniques until the Brazilians kind of brought it up to us. And I hate to admit it, you know, in the United States we think we’re the best at everything, but they had as on that. And that’s one place, and I spent two weeks in Brazil learning their techniques.

Randy: So, what are you doing? I mean what exactly? You’re not doing implants.

Dr. Chasan: I do implants too.

Randy: Okay.

Dr. Chasan: I do implants, I do fat transfer. If they don’t have any fat and they have a flat buttock, then I’m gonna use an implant. If they have some fat, they have to have some fat. Then I’m gonna use the fat that I get from the liposuction and implant that into their buttock. Now, up until, you know, five, six years ago when I wasn’t doing a lot of breasts…Brazilian butt lifts, I could contour around the buttock and make the buttock look a lot better.

Randy: Contour meaning with Liposuction.

Dr. Chasan: Liposuction. Right. But now I can even take that farther. I can contour around the buttock, take that fat that I have harvested and then inject it into the buttock. And now, not only do you get a butt lift and its skin is tighter, and the butt looks rounder, and more shapely, and some of the cellulite goes away. The buttock gets some of that, I guess stem cell effect of the fat. The fat has some stem cell effect that makes a whole buttock look more rejuvenated.

Randy: And I was asking earlier, what about the lumps?

Dr. Chasan: Surprisingly…

Randy: And so you’re injecting fat in there. How do you get that round?

Dr. Chasan: Yeah. So, if you blow up a balloon it’s…you know, goes from a shriveled thing to a round thing. And that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s one of those things in life that actually works better than it should. It works better than you think.

Randy: Is that right?

Dr. Chasan: Yeah. Initially, I think why we were, surgeons in this country were a little reticent to start doing Brazilian Butt Lifts is for that very fact that we thought we would inject a bunch of fat and it’s gonna die and get a lot…very lumpy. I have injected up to 900 ccs per each buttock, no lumps. No lumps. It’s all taken up. It all lives and I mean the patients are thrilled, and you don’t get a lumpy hard butt.

Randy: So it’s subtle though for some people. You don’t have to have a big result.

Dr. Chasan: Like everything, some women want big breasts, some want subtle result. You can do a subtle result and inject maybe 200 ccs in a buttock, 400 ccs. Some women want a max result.

Randy: Is this common, this Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Chasan: It is. It’s very common, especially now with Kim Kardashian and all. You know, every era has its person. Remember “Bay Watch?”

Randy: Okay, yes.

Dr. Chasan: Pamela Anderson. Now a lot of people wanted big breasts after that. Every era has their person. This person, this era, Kim Kardashian. Now, she has this tiny waist and big buttock. And a lot of women want that look. And you know what? She looks very beautiful. And in some way, like I had mentioned before, the buttock has been kind of ignored. And now it’s celebrated here in this country, and now we can do something about it. So, take a look at this photo, Randy, look at look at her waist. I tend to be very aggressive with the liposuction. So I was able to contour her waist very narrow, and then look at the difference between the proportion between her waist and her buttock. Trying to get that waist skinny and give that a proportional difference between the waist and buttock I think gives her a lot of beauty. And then look at the lower picture. See how her buttock protrudes out? It’s more round and lifted. So I think that that’s when the…like one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body that’s been ignored for so many years in cosmetic surgery.

Randy: And it’s so smooth. I mean it’s so smooth. And that’s all in the design?

Dr. Chasan: That’s all in the design.

Randy: The fat doesn’t get lumpy and bumpy?

Dr. Chasan: No. Surprisingly not. Surprisingly not.

Randy: Are men doing this too?

Dr. Chasan: I haven’t done any Brazilian Butt Lifts on men, but I have done buttock augmentation on men.