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Dr. Paul Chasan is a prominent plastic surgeon in San Diego. Patients come to Dr. Chasan from all around thw world for sophisticated, highly effective procedures. His success in many areas of plastic surgery gives him a well-earned reputation in the plastic surgery space. Learn more about Dr. Chasan by reading below or clicking the button to see footage of Dr. Chasan in the media.

Dr Paul E Chasan

Dr. Chasan’s North County San Diego plastic surgery center is luxurious and inviting. Unlike a standard hospital, the environment is warm, welcoming, and provides an ambiance to keep your mind at ease especially when you are preparing for any of a range of advanced procedures. To help all of his patients achieve the best results possible, Dr. Paul Chasan uses a variety of state-of-the-art surgical technologies and techniques.

Dr. Chasan is nationally recognized for his work in breast surgery, facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty. Dr. Paul Chasan’s education and extensive experience allow him to confidently perform a number of sophisticated procedures for the face, body and breast in his cosmetic surgery center.

Dr. Chasan is regarded as a top plastic surgeon in San Diego, especially when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures, facelifts, tummy tucks, and liposuction. Through years of business in his private Del Mar Practice, Dr. Chasan has helped numerous breast implant and revision breast surgery patients realize their dreams of fuller, more feminine bust-lines.

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It can be difficult for prospective clients to determine which plastic surgeon would be the best fit for them and their expectations. With every plastic surgeon claiming to be the best, how are you to know which doctor to choose? Not all plastic surgeons perform the same services with the equal amount of skill or expertise. It’s the not knowing how to discern one plastic surgeon’s work from another that can lead many patients to go to the less expensive and often less experienced or less qualified surgeons to have their procedure. You wouldn’t want to visit a discount neurosurgeon, or a discount parachute so don’t be willing to roll the dice with their face or body!


So, how is a client to know which surgeon to choose? The first thing to consider would be the plastic surgeon’s experience. How long have they been working on the procedure you are considering? Plastic surgery is an experience driven field, and it can take thousands of hours for a cosmetic surgeon to perfect a technique.

While some plastic surgery procedures can be done quite well with little variance, others, like facelift, rhinoplasty, or breast lift (mastopexy)  must have a considerable amount of artistry and trained skill. The plastic surgeons that excel in these areas are constantly striving to learn new skills and perfect their techniques.

After over 23 years in practice Dr. Paul E. Chasan uses about 20% of what he was taught in residency and the rest he has developed after many years of continued training and developing new techniques to improve the desired outcomes for his patients.

He is considered a master in the craft of cosmetic surgery, and his results prove it.

The facility at Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery is second to none.
This center was designed to be a center of excellence and the premier plastic surgical center for the San Diego area.

So here is why we are better.

Anesthesia – we only employ board certified anesthesiologists. In fact, of the 34 anesthesiologists on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital, we use 3. We are the only facility that has this arrangement. It allows ownership of the care of the patients and equipment. We have developed certain preoperative medication protocols to diminish the discomfort of surgery and improve the overall experience. Less pain leads to less potential for nausea and a better outcome.

Have you asked other doctors you may be interviewing how old their anesthesia machine is? It’s a simple question. Our answer is 3 years old.

Nursing – Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery utilizes nurse RN’s in our clinic instead of medical assistants because we believe that a more knowledgeable staff provides better service. Our 4 nurses have worked with Dr. Chasan a minimum of 6 years and up to 12 years. We also do not split our nurses’ operating room duties with recovery duties as most offices do. In other words our operating room nurse does not recover a patient and circulate at the same time, period.

Overnight Stay – Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery is one of the only plastic surgery centers in San Diego that has its own 23-hour overnight stay. We believe that this is extremely important for larger cases such as a mommy make over, facelift, and other combined procedures. Not only is it important for safety, but the pain management and the overall experience is better.

Breast Surgery and Implants – As a center of excellence and a revisionary surgery center, the operating room is stocked with over 100 sizes and styles of breast implants. We use sizers in almost every breast surgery and have the luxury to be able to use almost any size or style implant to get best result. Additionally, we have a special pad on the operating room table that allows us to sit the patient up and evaluate the breast surgery results in both a sitting position and a lying down position. Most surgeons only operate with the patient lying down and use only a limited number of implants purchased for that day of surgery.

Location, Location, Location – Our office is located in the heart of downtown Del Mar with its own parking lot. There is no need to go onto a busy hospital campus and fight for a parking spot or run into your friend who happens to be seeing her gynecologist.

Additional Services – As always, we are committed to having the latest techniques and services available for our patients, this includes BoTox and fillers performed by Dr. Chasan, our Physician Assistant, or Nurse Injector. Coolsculpt (non- invasive fat removal) In fact, we are the only plastic surgery practice in north county with two machines and the ability to Dual-Sculpt. A laser for almost everything from hair removal, to broken capillaries of the face, even a fractional laser for facial wrinkling. Our Aesthetician services include HydraFacial, medical grade peels, Endermologie (cellulite reduction), and radiofrequency skin tightening or Venus Freeze. Lastly, our newest treatment, IV Therapy, or vitamin infusion using an intravenous method for a healthy lifestyle at Drip Mar Del Mar.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of cosmetic surgery, with the best result possible, and with the best experience possible. We believe that Ranch and Coast Plastic Surgery provides a level of service, sophistication, and attention to detail that is unique in the greater San Diego area.

Dr. Paul Chasan’s Community Support

Angel Faces

Angel Faces provides retreats and support for girls and young women with disfiguring injuries. Angel Faces relies on donations and volunteer support, and Dr. Chasan’s involvement has been an integral part of Angel Faces’ success for years.

Saving America's Mustangs

Saving America’s Mustangs is a foundation for the preservation of America’s indigenous wild horse population.

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