Out of Town

Plastic Surgery Patients From Out Of Town

With nearly year-round 70 degree and sunny forecasts, picturesque vistas along the coast, Del Mar is an ideal setting for “cosmetic tourism” without any of the associated risks.

We operate in a state of the art plastic surgery facility that is fully certified by the AAAASF (the accrediting organization for surgical facilities). All operations are performed under the supervision of Board Certified anesthesiologists to ensure the highest level of care.


Post Surgery Care

During your recovery, we can help to provide one on one nursing to facilitate your care. We have registered nurses available to stay with you overnight and longer if needed.


Recovery for out of town patients usually lasts for approximately one week. We will see you several times during this period at predetermined intervals based upon your procedure(s). Assuming a seamless recovery, most patients are cleared to fly home after their one-week postoperative visit.

While visiting Del Mar for your plastic surgery procedure, you may want to visit some of our favorite locations in San Diego listed here to pass the time as you recover.